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Discover the allure of BLACK&WHITE's Sensual Candles and Room Fragrances, meticulously crafted to embody the passion and romance of both genders, lovingly hand-poured for an exquisite touch.

Available in both red and white variants, and elegantly packaged in either clear glass or black jars, making them ideal choices for Valentine's gifts.

Our Body Beautiful Collection also features the Sensual Collection, encompassing both His and Her fragrances within the comprehensive body range.

Top Notes: The initial fragrance impression.

Mid Notes: The heart of your fragrance.

Base Note: The foundational aroma of your fragrance.

His & Hers = Spicy Ambers, Musk Aromas.

BLACK&WHITE remains devoted to our environment and responsible waste management.

Our labels are thoughtfully designed for effortless removal, offering the opportunity to repurpose our Candle Jars and Room Fragrance Bottles. Recognising the significance of gift packaging, we extend the choice of packaged or unpackaged options for our Candles or Room Fragrance Collections.


These fragrances are also available in BLACK&WHITE's Body Beautiful Collection.

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