BLACK&WHITE is proud to introduce a special collection called Courage, designed specifically to support Breast Cancer awareness and research. For each bottle sold, $2 is donated to breast cancer research or the Pink Ribbon foundation. We have meticulously selected the most harmonious and essential oils to craft our Courage Collection, as we recognize the immense courage required to battle breast cancer.

We have also introduced a collection for Prostate Cancer, crafted with the finest essential oils. For each bottle sold, $2 is donated to prostate cancer research.


"For over 30 years I have worked the beauty industry, providing top-tier treatments and products. However, on December 23, 2015, an email landed in my inbox, forever altering my perception of the beauty industry and prompting a critical question: Why do small businesses not matter? I grew increasingly weary of how 'little businesses' were losing control over their purchasing decisions, stock quantities, and sales strategies. The frustration drove me to take action. I was determined to create a brand that genuinely cared about people, both stockists and customers alike. That's when BLACK&WHITE, THE PEOPLE'S PRODUCT, was born—a challenging endeavor in a very competitive market. Over the course of two years, I embarked on extensive research into formulations and ingredients for my brand. Following countless emails and skype meetings, I journeyed to the USA to meet our formulator in person, complete product and treatment training, and initiate the process of building this brand from the ground up. Fast forward seven years, and here we stand today—a testament to the determination to make a positive impact on the beauty industry and ensure that small businesses receive the recognition and support they deserve. BLACK&WHITE continues to thrive, dedicated to delivering exceptional products and care to our stockists, customers and in clinic clients."

Also creating a local business page for our local business at Pukehina and the surrounding areas

I am so passionate about supporting and promoting small business