Great skin doesn't happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

At BLACK&WHITE Beauty we take both a holistic and scientific approach to our treatments, retail ranges and home care programs. We are proud that we only use and retail our professional, active and results driven skin care, such as Cellular Level Active skin care from our BLACK&WHITE range. 

Our active treatments use key ingredients that work beneath the epidermis and into the dermal layer. Skincare and skin treatments that feed your cells result in healthier reproduction of new skin cells. We also offer Pure Natural-Organic skin care treatments from our BLACK&WHITE range and this range accompanies our holistic approach nicely. 

If you are unsure about what BLACK&WHITE facial treatment is best for you, let us know as we are happy to recommend the perfect treatment for you. At BLACK&WHITE, we also believe that a facial should involve treating the body and mind, and not just the face. So come in to relax, enjoy our  Signature BLACK&WHITE Relax & Unwind facial, or our Signature BLACK&WHITE  Essential Oil facial. A facial choice that goes beyond all other facials, true food for the soul or if you are serious about your skincare concerns talk to us about one of our BLACK&WHITE facial treatment plans to address any one of your skin concerns.

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BLACK&WHITE Facial Procedures

The BLACK&WHITE facial procedure will be determined by what facial you and your therapist choose after your skin analysis.  You will have time to lie and relax with a glass of hot/cold lemon water or herbal tea, and will be given a prescription and a consultation about your home care needs to help you maintain the skin care treatment you have just received.

Talk to us about our BLACK&WHITE facial range and what it can do for you and join the BLACK&WHITE VIP Program and get rewarded for your facial product purchases.

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