(LEVEL 1 GYCOLIC ACID) Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1-6 ( LEVEL 11 GLYCOLIC ACID ) Fitzpatrick Skin Types (1-4) NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SENSITIVE SKINS
LEVEL 1V  PRO ELITE PERFECTION Glycolic Acid & Lilac Plant Stem Cell Dermal Peel 

This B&W treatment is a rapid, aggressive peel working in the deeper layers of the epidermis. The aim of this resurface treatment is to combat Sun (UV) damaged skin. A deep desquamation (exfoliation) treatment effectively eliminates redundant skin cells. This will then accelerate the skin's cellular renewal process resulting in clearer, brighter skin while significantly accelerating the skin's cellular renewal process. This glycolic acid peel is like no other glycolic treatment. Carefully combining glycolic acid to firm and lilac plant stem cell to protect, our glycolic acid is paired with ingredients that are far superior to other glycolic acid Treatments on the market. So turn back the hands of time with this new-age glycolic treatment with an incredibly rich plant stem cell treatment. This treatment is ideal for clients in need of relief from both external and internal ageing concerns. The ultimate, advanced anti-aging combination treatment penetrates deep into the epidermis for stunning, intensely rejuvenating results. The stem cell rescue is a miracle peel treatment, with a myriad of amazing effects that you'll just have to see to believe. This peel not only restores hydration levels, but also plumps neglected skin and refines enlarged pores. Our advanced stem cell technology will transform and awaken dull, tired skin. Experience the transformative powers of our essential plant stem cells.


This B&W Facial Treatment has seen excellent results targeting UV or environmentally damaged skins that has a thick, rough texture with fines lines and wrinkles. Great for preventative or addressing corrective ageing concerns. Addresses enlarged pore problems

.Downtime required.. Not recommended for sensitive skins FITZPATRICK 1-3.


This B&W Facial treatment is an active peel. Skin can be treated all year round, but first we consider lifestyle and climate factors.Best results with 3 monthly treatment plan twice a year 

Monthly $159

1 hour 15 minutes

 A Full Consultation must be given prior to treatment

 Advanced Option Add on $10.00


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