Introducing the Cryo PenSome of you may have heard of this state of the art treatment that uses extreme cold, or cryotherapy to painlessly and safely destroy unwanted, benign and superficial lesions on the surface of the skin. Warts, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars, and resistant hyperpigmentation can be targeted. The benefits of this treatment areCryoPen therapy takes far less time; with treatment sessions lasting less than 2 minutes No anesthesia is required and it is virtually painless It is one of the least invasive lesion treatments on the market It is used in the treatment of virtually any benign skin lesion A full consultation will be given and moles, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, etc. need to have been medically checked prior. Often these things appear quickly, and usually seborrheic and actinic keratosis develop as we age, but it does pay to get them checked out first. Often Doctors don't bother treating them as they are considered 'cosmetic' and not life threatening. That's where the Cryo Pen can be used to treat them effectively.

One Area $39     Two Areas $69     Three Areas  $89     Four Areas $109


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