BLACK&WHITE'S formularist has created the ultimate in Vitamin C skincare. The unparalleled powers of BV-OSC, a very potent yet gentle and stable form of VIT C enables your skin to glow and excel in vibrance. Our Vitamin C Perfection Collection is carefully blended to energise and enchance your skin. Full of Orange Stem Cells, our antioxidant-rich blends scavenge free radicals whilst lightening and magically evening out your skin tone.

Vitamin C serves its purpose in defending and protecting the skin.  It also operates as a tremendously, valuable antioxidant available for skin care formulations. Antioxidants offer protection to the skin and prevent accelerated skin aging while nourishing and supplementing its deeper layers and fighting free radical damage.

Free radicals cause chronic damage to the cells of the skin and antioxidants can neutralize these dangerous molecules. Applying antioxidants topically is one way of solving the problem of getting additional antioxidants into the skin.  Vitamin C improves the appearance of skin, prevents wrinkles, and is essential in cell proliferation. It can also be used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation as a tyrosinase inhibitor.

Many forms of Vitamin C are available on the market and that may cause difficulty in determining the best selection. There are several types of unstable forms of Vitamin C, such as L-Ascorbic acid. Although L-Ascorbic acid is commonly used in our industry, it is a form of vitamin c that is considered unstable. Studies show that L-Ascorbic Acid is difficult to deliver into the dermis in the optimum dosage. Therefore, research has turned towards finding more stable forms of Vitamin C. The most stable type of Vitamin C was discovered within the last 10 years. It’s a compound called BV-OSC. BV-OSC is the trade name. However, the scientific name of this ingredient which, will be found on the product’s ingredient 

label is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.

Unlike, the water-soluble L-Ascorbic Acid, BV-OSC is oil soluble. Studies have shown that BV-OSC is a more stable, less irritating, longer lasting, and a deeply penetrating form of Vitamin C. Clinical studies show that this form is three times more penetrating than L-Ascorbic Acid. It lasts longer within the skin and promotes up to 50% more collagen production. The enhanced penetration of this oil soluble Vitamin C also means that you do not need a high percentage of BV-OSC. Comparatively, if BV-OSC is three times more penetrating than L-Ascorbic Acid then a 10% BV-OSC is comparable to a 20-30% solution of L-Ascorbic Acid.

Vitamin C does not absorb UV light but exerts a UV-protective affect by neutralizing free radicals, while this effect is not seen with sunscreens. The solution to this is to incorporate an oil-soluble Vitamin C into your morning skin care regimen. This addition will enhance the efficacy of your sunscreen, protect your skin from environmental damage, and prevent early signs of aging and UV exposure. If your skin needs a “pick me up” then, you need to pick up a product that contains BV-OSC! You’ll C the results immediately.


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