Antioxidants  are compounds that inhibit oxidation (think; rust). It all starts with molecules. A stable molecule has all of its electrons; however environmental stress can cause a molecule to lose one or more of its electrons making that molecule unstable.


This molecule called a ‘free radical’ becomes destructive to healthy living cells and tissue through a process called oxidative stress. Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, to counteract the negative impact this process has on our bodies .Antioxidants come in many forms such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, plant stem cells and peptides, which all have potent antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant especially when paired with ferulic acid.

Our formularist  has taken antioxidant protection to new heights, formulating with BVOSC, an oil soluble, highly stable form of Vitamin C that can double collagen production in the skin and offers unparalleled free radicle protection.


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