BLACK &WHITE is trying hard to create beautiful products in beautiful packaging, that can be either recycled or reused where possible. However  due to ingredients and keeping them stable as well as obvious health and safety reasons, we can only re use some of our packaging in some of our products., Many of our bottles are able to be recycled or reused.  Our Body Beautiful Range is carefully crafted with this in mind. Our jars can be reused in your house at home after the product is finished, or simply bring it back for us to recycle and receive a recycle discount on your next purchase. Our Pure Natural organic Range and some of our Cellular Level have a $3 rebate to return the bottle to us for recycling

Keeping NZ Beautiful 



 We have created a special brand, it's a range that allows the consumer to choose the products, and the ingredients they prefer. There will always be two markets: those who specifically want natural, organic, vegan and gluten free beauty products, and those who don't place as much importance on these things. We offer that choice to our clients.

TO THE RETAILER : I was tired of the professional skincare and makeup industry and where it was going.

I was frustrated by the lack of respect that some suppliers had for the small business (stockists) that took on their brand. Particularly, giving the suppliers 'brand awareness' that otherwise would have been so much harder and taken so much longer to achieve in the professional market , only to then pull the rug out from beneath them. Suppliers competing with the very stockists who helped establish their brand. This is clipping the ticket twice, and is
not something that BLACK&WHITE will do.

While BLACK&WHITE is building a network of stockists throughout New Zealand we will retail our products online. Once a network of stockists is established, BLACK&WHITE
will be launching incentives for clients to visit their nearest stockist, or to buy products directly from those stockists' online stores. My promise to you . This is my main goal and my objective with BLACK&WHITE, Empowering small business.


$1 donated to child abuse charities for every product sold


Everybody's idea of the ideal ingredients in a skincare, haircare and makeup brand will differ. A lot will depend on natural ingredients vs performance, and what occasion the product is for. We have endeavoured to list every ingredient we are aware of, so that consumers have the knowledge to choose the products which suits them.

In my experience, we can't always use completely natural ingredients - as some crucial ingredients are required for performance and product stability. However, for many uses, natural ingredients are perfect for the job.

We have tried to bring the consumer a wide selection in both areas; we will continue to source natural, gluten free and vegan where possible. However, we will not compromise product quality.

We have looked both nationally and internationally to procure the very best brand. We are extremely confident that the stringent selection of testing criteria, and trials our products went through, that they are the highest standard.

Please note that our products contain both natural and organic ingredients, and that our products are not $100% natural or organic. Please see ingredient lists for full details or contact us if you want more specific information about any of them.

Enjoy looking through our products. Please read ingredient lists carefully if you have any allergies or sensitivities, whether to synthetic or natural ingredients.

BLACK&WHITE products have not been tested on animals.

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