Life is full of Amazing Grace's & Little Miracles

Amazing Grace was created from the idea of a fun little candle collection. With the popularity of gender reveal baby showers we wanted to do something a bit fun and a bit different so we have created the first ever gender reveal candle.

We also wanted to recognise the struggles faced by some who may experience trouble conceiving or have had the tragedy of loosing a wee baby so introduced the Hope and Sympathy Candles to the range. Next came our Hush Little Baby for sleep time and rest. Then something just for Mother for a little tranquility.  Little Miracle is to congratulate parents on their own Little Miracle.

From there we built our Mothers' Little Helpers Collection launching in August which is a collection of Mother's Little Helpers, a selection of pick-me-up's and out the door simple beauty products.

Our Little Miracle Baby Collection is currently in the formulation stages and will launch in August - September.

Share your story of your Little Miracle for the chance to win a choice of candle. We look forward to hearing stories of your special journey of parenthood or any tips or tricks you have for the others experiencing the journey.


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