BLACK&WHITE is extremely privileged and honoured to have such a innovative and incredibly experienced and talented skincare developer on board with our brand.

Not only does he have many years of experience he is committed to using the best ingredients and crafting them into the most advanced and effective skin care.


Our skincare formularist has a long history of developing products with new and innovative ingredients that later become industry staples. The same remains true today.

"Absolutely no one else uses ingredients in the same way with the same effect that he does."


His mission is to discover and craft the most advanced and effective skincare products for both the professional and consumer markets.

He uses the most innovative ingredients and delivery system available today providing unparalleled results.

He has always crafted and composed our products with the newest and most effective ingredients. However it is our inventive paring of each element that creates such sophisticated, remarkable custom products. Thoughtful planning is devoted to each product with special care paid to delivery systems that work specially with the type and viscosity of our chosen ingredients. Staple and star ingredients eventually become known and practiced by many companies within the industry although absolutely no one uses them like he does.



Powerful antioxidants generate healthy cell renewal and act as a cellular bodyguard for our skin. Essential for all skin types they protect our skin from free radical damage that our skin encounters on a daily basis. Co-Enzyme Q10, Idebenone, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Green Tea Extract are widely used in BLACK&WHITE'S Cellular Level Skincare products to give your skin an enhanced safeguard against environmental radicals.


These gentle enzymes digest the dead surface skin cells. Papaya, Pineapple and Pumpkin Enzymes provide gentle yet visible results to reveal a more youthful glow. When used in a daily regimen other active ingredients have the ability to penetrate into the skin to provide quicker skin care results.


BLACK&WHITE Cellular Level skincare brings you the highest grade micronized minerals in all of our sun protection products. Zinc and Titanium are utilized for their superior UV ray protection and pro-longed broad spectrum coverage. Core Perfection ZinClear SPF 30 offers you clear and tinted versions leaving the skin protected yet covered with a flawless finish. Minerals are safe, effective, reduce inflammation and are designed to be used on all skin types especially sensitive and acneic.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids have been around for many years and continue their strong stride in being very effective performance ingredients to treat a wide array of concerns. These key hydroxy acids promote an increased cell turnover to reveal luminous new skin cells at the surface. While providing a quicker cell turnover rate AHA's/BHA's impart multi functional qualities to improve skin texture, decrease pore size, reduce congestion, moisturize and promote collagen.


Is one of the most essential nutrients for the body and is a key component to maintaining healthy glowing skin. Vitamin C is an active ingredient that brightens and tightens the skin. Keeping up with cutting edge technology we have incorporated the latest lipid soluble form of Vitamin C, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate in our superior formulations. The most stable form of Vitamin C with three times better penetration than L-Ascorbic acid, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate can be found throughout the BLACK&WHITE Collection and is most concentrated in C-Lipoic products.


Made up of essential amino acids, these active ingredients are small yet powerful to drastically change the skin. Peptides are key anti-aging ingredients that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen, reduce inflammation and brighten skin tone. With new peptides being discovered every year they are considered to be an active ingredient that will continually change and advance with time.


Advancements with stem cell technology have continued to provide more powerful and effective marine derived and botanical plant stem cells in the skin care market. BLACK&WHITE combines the latest generation of plant stem cells to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and protect the skin from environmental damage. These plant stem cells contain all the active molecules of the plant to effectively address multiple areas of concern. Sea Fennel, Edelweiss, Gardenia and Lilac plant stem cells are incorporated into some of the most advanced anti-aging products included in the Elite Stem Cell 3D Collection.


The BLACK&WHITE Bright Perfection Collection is formulated with some of the most advanced skin brighteners to date. Each formula is uniquely created with many different tyrosinase inhibitors to stop the melanogenesis process in multiple steps giving you the most illuminating skin tone results. ChromaBright imparts the latest in skin brightening technology to effectively correct pigmentation and uneven skin tone. BLACK&WHITE Cellular Level skincare has incorporated this innovative ingredient into all the Bright Perfection products. Hydroquinone stands as the most effective skin brightener that continues to be used in skincare and is used as an active in HydroBrite.


An essential hydrator for everyone's skin! Each molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its molecular weight in moisture. It is known for its hydrating properties along with its natural delivery into the skin. Being one of the most valuable ingredients in skin care. BLACK&WHITE has incorporated this active ingredient into 90% of its product line to provide increased smoothness for plump, hydrated skin from the inside out.


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