7 Skin mistakes you might be making

Sometimes we are given poor advice or misunderstand the science behind skin and skincare and as a result, we may be doing more harm than good to our skin. Do you do any of the following?

#1 Not moisturising
It is important to remember that oil and water are two different things and our skin can be oily and also dehydrated at the same time! Our skin is constantly checking itself to ensure the right amount of moisture is on the surface to protect it from bacteria. If you are using a harsh cleanser and not moisturising your skin will produce MORE OIL to combat the lack of moisture in your skin. All skins should use a moisturizer to help protect it from pollution, premature aging and loss of moisture.
#2 Over exfoliating
Do you scrub your skin every day? It is important we clean our skin but using a harsh exfoliating scrub with large beads such as apricot kernel will likely be damaging your skin.
The top layer of our skin is composed of dead skin cells, they help to form a protective barrier keeping our skin water proof and free from bacteria. Too many of these dead skin cells can make the skin look dull or sometimes cause congestion but they don't need to be scrubed away every day. Once a week is enough for most skins and it is important to be gentle... If your skin feels tight, sore or red after exfoliating you may have over done it. Look for a gentle scrub, the smaller particles the better and be sure to use it on wet skin avoiding the eyelids.
#3 Thinking home made natural products are better for your skin
I've seen so many skin reactions caused by home made skincare, Pinterest is a beauty therapists nightmare as many recipes for face masks and scrubs can actually cause a lot of damage!
Skincare formulations in professional ranges (such as what you buy from your beautician) extract the good things out of natural products (plants/fruits/minerals/marine) then buffer them to make sure they are safe for the skin. This means adjusting the molecule size and ensuring the p.h is suitable for skin. These things are done in a laboratory under strict hygienic standards and are then tested (hopefully on human skin as opposed to animals!) to ensure they actually deliver the results they promise.
If you put lemon juice, oatmeal or cinnamon on your face I can assure you all you are achieving is an acid burn from the lemon, redness from the cinnamon and a whole lot of mess from the oatmeal!
#4 Not using sunblock
It doesn't matter if you have dark or light skin, if you have ever had a sunburn you have exposed yourself to premature aging and skin cancer.
Even on a cloudy day skin is still exposed to u.v rays. It is these u.v rays that break down collagen and elastin in our skin. Collagen is what keeps our skin plump (think of a babies cheeks) and elastin is what keeps our skin firm and not droopy. The sun will also cause pigmentation such as freckles, moles, brown or white patches and uneven skin tone. If you are taking an oral contraceptive, are currently pregnant or going through puberty or menopause your skin is more likely to react to u.v damage and once your skin has pigmentation issues it takes a long time and is very expensive to fix.
Not all sunblocks are created equal, you will need a specific one suited to the skin of your face so as to not cause irritation or sweat into your eyes.
#5 Poor diet
Drinking lots of water will improve the health of all of the cells in your body including your skin cells! It needs to be pure water though, water in coffee, tea or raro doesn't count! Aim for 2 litres of water a day, more if it is hot or you are physically active.
Too much wheat based food such as bread and pasta can cause inflamation in the skin resulting in acne and puffiness.
Too much sugar in our bloodstream can attach to proteins to form harmful new molecules (glycation) which can result in a breakdown of collagen. If you want to keep your skin looking youthful try to be as sugar free as possible!
#6 Smoking/alcohol
Smoking and alcohol affects every cell in your body including your skin cells. The toxins in cigarettes can cause congestion, break down of collagen and elastin, premature aging and dull yellowish tone to the skin.
If you are a smoker and also want nice skin be prepared to invest a bit more time and money into your skin as it requires extra attention to counteract the cellular damage done. It is essential to do a daily skincare routine using profesional skincare from your beautician along with regular facial treatments to keep cellular regeneration at its peek.
Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and regular drinkers will notice their skin can become red, inflamed, have broken capillaries, be congested and sensitive. Hydration and protective skincare high in vitamin c is the key to combating the effects of premature aging caused by alcohol
#7 Falling for marketing scams
It can be super hard to decipher what it is you are actually spending your money on sometimes!
Marketing can be very misleading, one product might advertise that it contains vitamin A which has been proven to scientifically reduce wrinkles.... This itself is true, however it doesn't necessarily mean that this particular product contains the right amount of vitamin A or that it is put into a formula that can be recognized and utilized by the skin.
Many companies choose to spend their money on mass marketing with TV advertisement, high paid models and expensive packaging whilst compromising on ethically sourced ingredients and research. There are legal limits to the amount of 'active' ingredients in a product that is sold on a shelf. This is because your checkout operator is not trained in skin and therefore cannot sell a product that can penetrate deep enough to make a structural change to your skin on a deeper level. Seek professional advice from a highly qualified skin therapist if you are looking to correct a skin condition such as acne, premature aging, sensitivity or pigmentation as none all of these conditions occur from a cellular level in the dermis and the therefore need professional products that penetrate to a deeper level.


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