Well after the long wait, the first stage of Amazing Grace has been launched this month. What started out as an idea last October/November is finally here.The Amazing Grace Candle Collection is unique to us and has not been done before so I am truly excited to finally launch this range.Our Amazing Grace Candle Collection consists of:Mother Specially hand crafted for the most Amazing Grace's of all The Mothers of this World!

Hope Specially hand crafted for those in need of a little hope in their journey through conception and parenthood.
Sympathy Specially hand crafted for those needing a flicker of light when life is at it toughest and darkest.
Hush Little Baby Specially handcrafted for a little sleep and restfulness for Mother and Baby.
Little Miracle Specially hand crafted as a beautiful gift for any new parents to congratulate them on their new little miracle.
For something a little different and unique to Amazing Grace, we have our Little Miracle Gender Reveal Specially and uniquely handcrafted by us for baby showers and Baby Gender Reveal. This unique candle reveals the gender by either presenting a blue or pink colour after the candle has been lit  - a very clever little idea. 
For Him and Her we also have  Her Grace and His  Grace in a soft baby pink and a soft baby blue.


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