New Zealand sunlight can have high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can cause skin and eye damage. You can protect yourself and your children by being SunSmart. Learn how to keep safe while still living life in the sun.

Summer sunshine in New Zealand can be intense. You'll burn more quickly in New Zealand than other places with comparable summers.There are three key reasons why the sun in the Southern Hemisphere is so strong. Holes in the Ozone layer allow more UV through the atmosphere
Earth is generally closer to the Sun during the souther summer than during the northern summer
There is less pollution in the southern hemisphere to block UV light
The Sun's ability to burn is measured by the UV index. Any reading higher than 10 can be extreme in terms of skin damage. In New Zealand, the UV index often exceeds 12 or even 14. Daily UV indexes are available from NIWA. NIWA's indexes can help you find out the sun's strength at different times of the day.New Zealanders can be quite bad at caring for their skin in the sun. This is reflected in the large number of cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year. Enjoy the New Zealand summer - but make sure to take care of your skin out there! 


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