Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winter for me is a season I love. Snow skiing and yes the beautiful warmth of a fire or a heated room after such activities.
Remember though as beautiful as this season can be if you love the winter outdoors or the warm indoor environment of a good book and a cosy chair beside a beautiful fire, all these things can play havoc with our skin.
Although there is no harsh sunshine there is however the cold frosty mornings , the wind and the rain and of course the dry air around us from our indoor heating leaving our skin both compromised by the harsh winter outdoor environment and possibly dehydrated by the dry air of our gas or wood fires or heat pumps .
Use a light barrier cream if you are braving the harsh elements, and don't forget your sun block if you are on the mountain particually with Winter sun reflecting of the mountains snow, this can cause for severe sunburn. BLACK&WHITES PEPTIDE PERFECTION ARMOUR DEFENCE SPF50 is one of many of our great choices in Sunblocks,
Hydrate your skin with plenty of water and keep up with a good skin routine with plenty of hydration , BLACK& WHITE'S CORE PERFECTION HYDRATING B5 SERUM is crucial to keep moisture locked in .
Remember to moisturise your whole body Just because it may be out of sight under our winter woolies , It does not mean it should be out of mind.


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