Resurfacers and Peels


With Winter just around the corner it is a good time to consider some serious skin care options.

Why Resurface or Peel?

Over time (including years of environmental and lifestyle factors) the skin can show signs of ageing.
Desquamation (exfoliation) of the skin's epidermis can make a huge difference to the tone and texture of the skin. It is also a great treatment for acne and post acne scarring. These treatments should only be done in the winter and early autumn months due the sensitivity of the new skin you are promoting through the desquamation (exfoliation) process.

What is a Resurfacer?

A Resurfacer is a superficial desquamation (exfoliating) treatment that works in the stratum corneum layer (very top layer) of the epidermis. Resurfacing generally has no recovery time and are is a great start to a yearly treatment plan. Six bi-monthly treatments are recommended for best results. There are a range of BLACK&WHITE Resurfacers to choose from and you will need to visit your nearest stockist who will be able to provide you with the best advice as to which treatment is best suited to you.

What is a peel ?

A Peel works deeper into the Epidermis travelling to the middle or bottom layers where your resurfacers cannot reach resulting in a deeper form of desquamation (exfoliation) . There is down time with these peels , so planning is paramount and they are a wonderful addition to your extended skin care programme. BLACK&WHITE has many types of Peels to choose from and you will need to visit your nearast stockist who will provide you with the best advise as to which treatment is best suited to you .

Can anyone have a Resurfacer or a Peel?

Most people can, however there are many things to factor in before our therapist will proceed with your treatment. A full consultation and a patch test must be carried out.

Does skin Colour Matter?
Yes, it is important to access your Fitzpatrick skin type and prepepare the skin accordingly. Because the melanin structure of Fitzpatrick 4-6 (Darker) skins have the ability to scar more easily, when a darker Fitzpatrick skin type cuts themselves or have a skin lesion, they can quite easily scar after the wound has healed. Care must therefore be taken to evaluate your skin type, prepare the skin accordingly beforehand and follow post care instructions.

Its it dangerous?

Any skin treatment can pose a small risk. However, as long as protocol is followed, a patch test is carried out and , a full consultation is given and your consent form is filled out correctly, so any contraindications can be assessed, you should be perfectly fine. You must strictly follow your pre and post care plan but you will be on your way to a brilliant treatment plan that can revive your skin from environmental, lifestyle and hormonal skin conditions.


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