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100% Natural Vs Naturally derived skincare

The rise of popularity for natural products is steadily increasing but just what is it that we are buying when we see the word ‘natural’?   Let’s first of all discuss what makes a ‘natural' product.  Every chemical in existence is natural, from water and oxygen to oil and gas. Man cannot create what doesn’t already exist in nature, so why is it that when we hear the word synthetic or man-made in our skincare products, that we automatically think ‘bad’? Synthetic is ...

February 24, 2020


antioxidants: what you need to know 02/02/2017 Aging is more than just getting older. There are many reasons that skin ages. Environmental damage, excessive exfoliation, glycation, senescence, inflammation, and free radical damage are just to name a few. According to Dermatology Research and Practice, Human skin is constantly directly exposed to the air, solar radiation, environmental pollutants, or other mechanical and chemical insults, which are capable of inducing the generation of free radi...

September 3, 2019


Well after the long wait, the first stage of Amazing Grace has been launched this month. What started out as an idea last October/November is finally here.The Amazing Grace Candle Collection is unique to us and has not been done before so I am truly excited to finally launch this range.Our Amazing Grace Candle Collection consists of:Mother Specially hand crafted for the most Amazing Grace's of all The Mothers of this World!Hope Specially hand crafted for those in need of a li...

July 1, 2019


A completely new line, something beautiful, something special .... and something AMAZING. Amazing Grace! Watch this space EXPECTED LAUNCH DATE 29th JUNE...

April 9, 2019


BLACK&WHITE would like to welcome Emma from  Blush Nails and Beauty in Alexandra  Central Otago. Emma has taken on our Body Beautiful Range and our Candle Range so if you are in the South Island and in need of some amazing Body products  or a little bit of ambiance and the aroma of beautiful soy candles, contact Emma  Emma at Blush Nails &Beauty 42 Tarbert street Alexandra Central Otago 9320 PH 027 8675732...

January 31, 2019


PROUD TO BE A PART OF SPONSORING THIS WONDERFUL CAUSE FOR WOMAN .This is NZ wide not just Waikato that  these funds go towards....

September 21, 2018


WHAT VITAMIN C CAN DO FOR YOU! BLACK&WHITE CELLULAR LEVEL SKINCARE BENEFITS OF VIT C Plays a significant role in collagen productionPowerful antioxidantProtects and repairs UV damaged cellsNecessary for growth and repair for skin tissueProtects against skin discolorationImproves skin texture  BLACK&WHITE CELLULAR LEVEL C PERFECTION   HOW IT WORKS? Blending up to:A plant stem cellsFive peptidesSix complexesFifteen botanicals...

September 8, 2018


We have some exciting new things happening for  our donation scheme to  Woman's Refuge. Then End of September will see our first lump sum donated to Woman's Refuge. However BLACK&WHITE did not want to just  give donations in money to Woman's Reufge main office BLACK&WHITE intended to give donations to each individual  area where products are bought. The intention of BLACK&WHITE was not to just donate money that may get sucked up in admin  but donate the simple things tha...

July 8, 2018



June 1, 2018


Vitamin A- pure retinol Most well studied, clinicallyproven anti-aging ingredient Enhancesskin regeneration by increasing keratinocyte division Actsas a signal that facilitates the interaction of EGF Hydratingmolecule that increases the thickness of the epidermis Preventsthe formation of comedonalacne Preventscorneocytesfrom building up and forming the plugs Accelerateskeratinocyte turnover preventing PIH Convertsto Retinoic Acid in the skin ...

May 28, 2018


New Zealand sunlight can have high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can cause skin and eye damage. You can protect yourself and your children by being SunSmart. Learn how to keep safe while still living life in the sun.Summer sunshine in New Zealand can be intense. You'll burn more quickly in New Zealand than other places with comparable summers.There are three key reasons why the sun in the Southern Hemisphere is so strong. Holes in the Ozone layer allow more UV through t...

November 1, 2017


Now it the time to start with the good old basics of a good skin care routine,while also  adding a few little extra beneficial treatment  in there. As the warmer months are approaching us in NZ,  BLACK&WHITE no longer recommends any of BLACK&WHITE Dermal  skin peels what so ever in the late spring to summer months..  BLACK&WHITE  Dermal  Resurfacing , can possibly be still  be done at this stage along with our BLACK&WHITE  Dermal  Plaining facial...

September 25, 2017

Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winter for me is a season I love. Snow skiing and yes the beautiful warmth of a fire or a heated room after such activities. Remember though as beautiful as this season can be if you love the winter outdoors or the warm indoor environment of a good book and a cosy chair beside a beautiful fire, all these things can play havoc with our skin. Although there is no harsh sunshine there is however the cold frosty mornings , the wind and the rain and of course the dry air around us from our indo...

June 7, 2017

Resurfacers and Peels

TO RESURFACE OR TO PEEL With Winter just around the corner it is a good time to consider some serious skin care options. Why Resurface or Peel? Over time (including years of environmental and lifestyle factors) the skin can show signs of ageing. Desquamation (exfoliation) of the skin's epidermis can make a huge difference to the tone and texture of the skin. It is also a great treatment for acne and post acne scarring. These treatments should only be done in the winter and early autumn mo...

April 3, 2017


Summer sunshine in New Zealand can be intense. You'll burn more quickly in New Zealand than other places with comparable summers. There are three key reasons why the sun in the Southern Hemisphere is so strong. Holes in the Ozone layer allow more UV through the atmosphere Earth is generally closer to the Sun during the souther summer than during the northern summer There is less pollution in the southern hemisphere to block UV light The Sun's ability to burn is measured by the UV index. ...

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